Lactose – 500g

Most sugars are converted to alcohol in the brewing process but lactose does remain, even in trace amounts, in the finished liquid. Like Maltodextrin, Lactose give the beer mouth feel but also adds a little sweetness. Ideally used for Milk stout beers.

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How much lactose is in beer?
There are no hard and fast rules here as it all depends on how sweet you want your stout to come out but we suggest adding 5g-12g (usually around 250g per 20L batch). Too much Lactose will make the beer sweet ans possibly ruin it. 
What kind of beer has lactose in it?
Keep an eye out for Sweet Stout, Cream Stout, and Milk Stout, all of which may contain lactose for sweetness and body. Those with severe casein allergies or who follow a dairy-free diet for health or social reasons, may also want to use caution when considering stout beers by these names.

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