Potassium Carbonate – 500g


To raise PH – of mash/wash

Ideally PH should be between 5.2 and 5.7 to keep foreign bacteria or wild yeasts from propagating in your wash. But if the Acidity is too low, your yeast will die.  Use Potassium Carbonate to raise the PH.



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Ideally you want a mash PH (acidity) around 5.2-5.7 but sometimes ingredients can be acidic and you need to raise your PH. This also applies if you are lowering your PH with citric acid and have over done it a little. Use Potassium Carbonate to raise the PH, but use a little at a time to avoid foaming over as the Potassium Carbonate interacts with the acidity. Testing your PH 12-24 hours after starting fermentation can get you a head start in preventing a crashed PH, but you should be good if it is above 3.5 at this stage. We often find the PH drops very quick within 12 hours but it usually stabilizes. Sugar washes are very susceptible to PH crashes.

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