Beyond Brewing is SA’s leading Brewing, Distilling and Dispensing equipment supplier. We are constantly looking to improve our range, while offering the best quality and service at competitive prices.  Our mission is to provide a “1-stop shop” for all your hardware needs and our goal is to provide fantastic service without compromise.

Brewing with KegLand – Whether you are making beer, wine or cider, we have you covered. We have partnered up with KegLand who is the world’s leading brewing equipment supplier in this field. We have chosen to do so, because of their dedication to the art of brewing, their progressive engineering ingenuity in design and the most extensive range of beer brewing and keg dispensing equipment available.

Distilling with Distillex – Distilling is one of the fastest growing hobbies in South Africa and quality home Distillation Equipment has been hard to come by at reasonable prices, until now. This left customers no choice but to self-build or purchase overpriced, over complicated commercial equipment that didn’t really suit their needs and left their pockets empty. For this reason, we partnered up with Distillex. They are focused on manufacturing high quality Distillation and Extraction Equipment that is modular, easy to assemble, maintain, use, upgradable, light and efficient, while remaining cost effective and durable. PLEASE NOTE, WE DO NOT SELL COMPLETE STILLS AND ONLY SELL COMPONENTS. OUR SITE ONLY INDICATES WHAT COMES IN OUR SELF BUILD KITS. REGISTRATION AND TESTING IS THE REPSPONSIBILITY OF THE PURCHASER.