PH Pen Storage Solution

Add a few drops in the cap of your PH pen, replace the cap and store upright.

  • Rinse the PH probe under running water after use
  • Place a few drops of PH solution in the cap and replace it
  • Keep the pen upright for storage to preven soution leaking out

This storage solution is the best way to keep your electrode from your PH meter from deteriorating over time.


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pH Storage Solution is used to keep pH probe moist which will maximize electrode performance and extend life of electrode.

Directly after use and before a period of storage rinse your pH electrode under running water after every use. Then place a few drops of pH Storage Solution in cap and close cap.

Please keep pH Pen upright to ensure that storage solution does not leak out.

Size: 50ml

How a pH meter works.  The glass electrode is the most important in reading pH, and consists of an electrical wire made of silver submerged in potassium chloride, surrounded by a special silica and metallic salt-coated conductive tube. The reference electrode is usually made of the same material as the glass electrode, but its tube lacks any special conductive coating.

When submerged in a solution, hydrogen ions will migrate towards the conductive glass electrode and replace some of the metal ions in the coating. This creates a small voltage that the silver electrode is able to pick up, which is then passed on to the voltmeter, which converts the signal into a pH reading. The reference electrode acts as a baseline measurement, and completes the electrical circuit.

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Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 13 × 3 × 3 cm


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