Alcohol Meter (Alcometer) Stevenson Reeves

Stevenson Reeves manufactures high quality hydrometers in the U.K. and their Alcohol Meters are no exception. Measure the alcohol level in your spirits accurately.

  • Spirit Meter – Alcoholmeter
  • High Quality – Made in Great Britain
  • Measures the % of Alcohol in Distilled Spirits
  • 0-100% (Vol)
  • 9″/23cm
  • Comes is a clear plastic storage tube
  • Calibrated at 20 ºC
  • This alcohol Meter is used to measure the strength of your distilled spirits.
  • Use the Spirit Meter when diluting your spirits to a drinkable strength.
  • Dilute to the correct strength before charcoal filtering.


Please note, we will try our best to pack glass but they are not covered by our courier insurance.


R95.00 VAT Incl.

How do you use an Alcoholmeter?
Read the scale on the side of the alcoholmeter.
As the alcoholmeter floats in the chamber, take a reading at the bottom of the meniscus, or the arc in the liquid against the alcoholmeter. This reading will give you the proof of the alcohol and tell you its alcohol content.
How do you use a distilling hydrometer?
Use your beer sampler and fill your test jar almost to the top with liquid (you don't want any solids). Gently drop the beer/wine hydrometer into the test jar- you want to spin the hydrometer so it spins freely and does not stick to the side walls. You will see that the hydrometer floats on the liquid.

Additional information

Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 2 × 2 cm


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