Flaked Barley – 500g

Flaked barley Increases body and improves the head. Gives the beer a spicy cereal taste. Contains gluten. Adding flakes to the mash gives a more drinkable beer and doesn’t affects the flavour and colour. Because of the production process of our flakes, they may be simply added to the mash. They should not be pre-cooked.

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Flaked Barley is unmalted, cooked, and dried barley that has been rolled into flat flakes. It imparts a rich, grainy flavor to beer and is used in many stouts, particularly Irish stouts, enhancing head formation and foam stability. ... Flaked barley has an extract value of 72% on a dry weight basis.

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Weight .55 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 2 cm

Crushed, Uncrushed


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