Carapils Malt -1kg


  • Same colour rating and brewing characteristics as Weyermann Pilsner Malt, and
    • foam improvement
    • improved head retention
    • fuller body and mouth feel
    • When designing your recipe to incorporate this malt for head retention, consider using up around 7-10% carapils in the total grain bill. for very low alcohol beers, larger amounts can be used.
  • REQUIRES MASHING for best results. If steeping as might be done for brewing with extracts, we would suggest Briess Carapils as a better option.

Uses:  Pilsner, “Lagerbier”, alcohol-reduced beer, light beer, Bock beer

Type: Caramel Malt

Region: Germany

Flavor: malty-sweet; gentle notes of caramel
Source: Germany, EU
Pils; Light Beer; alcohol-reduced Beer; non-alcoholic Beer; Lager;
Food Industry as required
Moisture content 7 %
Extract (dry substance) 75 %
Color (EBC) 2.5 – 6.5 EBC
Color (Lovibond) 1.4 2.9 Lovibond

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Produced from quality spring barley. Characteristics: for enhanced foam production, head retention, and fuller body and mouthfeel. Contains gluten.
Flavor: malty-sweet; gentle notes of caramel
Caramel malts
As the word describes: these are caramelised malts often used to increase the mouth feel and body of the beer and to improve the foam stability.

The worldwide trend towards ever more specialty beers with character, as well as the growing acceptance of these beers by consumers are the key forces behind the increasing use of specialty malts in the brew houses of large, midsize and small breweries. For this burgeoning market segment, Weyermann® offers the largest spectrum of malt varieties.

The new trends in beer tastes make it the more important for brewers to have a standard vocabulary available with which to communicate the differentiated characteristics of the specialty malts they put into their mashes. To this end, Weyermann® has developed a new tool, the Malt Aroma Wheel®, which aids brewers in the selection and use of their specialty malts. The Malt Aroma Wheel® is a registered trademark of the Weyermann® malting Company of Bamberg, Germany.

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