Bulk – Bentonite Clay – 5kg

250g Bentonite.

Dosage: 1g per Litre of wash/mash disolved in 15ml of warm water per gram of bentonite.


R255.00 VAT Incl.


Beyond Brewing Bentonite Clay is a pure laboratory grade Bentonite Clay product that has not been bleached or dyed with no fillers, scents or moisturizers that you would find in cosmetic Bentonite. It will not impact on the flavour of your beer or spirit.

Bentonite is used to clear your wash fast, within hours. The dosage does depend on the amount of suspended proteins however, Bentonite clay is best used for clearing stubborn washes.

It works by bonding to the Proteins in your wash and dragging them down as the heavier clay sinks.

Use per 25Ltr wash - 25g per of Bentonite mixed thoroughly with 375ml of warm water. First syphon off the fermented liquid into a secondary vessel avoiding the trub at the bottom, then mix the Bentonite solution thoroughly into your wash. Watch your wash/mash clear in hours.

Additional information

Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm


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