Brewing Sugar (Dextrose) – 500g

Brewing sugar is dextrose monohydrate. This particular type of sugar is a monosaccharide which means that it has one molecule of glucose. Dextrose is a simple sugar.

Unlike table sugar (Sucrose), Dextrose is 100% fermentable and being a simple sugar, it is easier for yeast to consume. This means less stressed yeast and a better overall flavour. Use brewing sugar to bum up your gravity and for bottle conditioning/priming.

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Brewing Sugar (Dextrose monohydrate)
Brewing Sugar (Glucose) also known as Corn sugar, Corn Starch, Dextrose monohydrate. Used instead of household sugar for improved fermentation and less 'tang' in your home made beer, cider, wine and spirits. Normal household sugar (sucrose), when fermenting is first 'split' by the yeast into Glucose and Fructose.

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