The Beer Book by Holger Meier

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The Beer Book is the most extensive guide to beer and breweries in South Africa by Holger Meier.

This book is the ultimate gift for someone getting into brewing and craft beer. It is THE essential beer guide.

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5 Reasons to buy The Beer Book:

  1. The Beer Book is the BEST GIFT you can give any beer lover.
  2. With each copy of The Beer Book, you get over 80 FREE Beers at breweries around the country.
  3. Meet Charles Glass and get a free entry to Newlands Brewery Tour - The tour normally cost R80pp and includes a beer tasting and two complimentary drinks.
  4. Learn all about Belgian Beers at Den Anker and get a FREE Belgian Beer.
  5. Plan your own self-guided beer tour, at home, and during your next vacation. There are now over 80 breweries all over South Africa that welcome visitors. Find all the contact details and direction in The Beer Book.
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The Beer Book also allows the reader to discover and rate the 500+ beers available in South Africa. It has a list of all the top retailers selling craft beer in South Africa. It has lessons on beer styles and on glassware.

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