STC-1000 Temperature Controller

The STC-1000 is a temperature controller you can use to control your fermentation temperature. It has a hot and a cool circuit which you can use to heat and ferment your wort depending on the setting of your controller. This is a bare bones controller, and you need to assemble the controller yourself. It is basic but very functional.

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STC 1000 - Versatile small electronic temperature controller with heating and cooling functions. Always keep your fermentation at a stable temperature. Use this high quality product for beer brewing, aquariums and vivarium's. This mini temperature controller is an excellent and convenient multifunction device for controlling the temperature.

The stability of fermentation  temperature is one of the crucial factors for producing good quite beer. This advanced temperature controller can measure and control the temperature from -50 to 90 degrees C. This device is also suitable for laboratory use and other temperature-controlled systems.

Digital STC-1000 220V All-Purpose Temperature Controller Thermostat with Sensor

- Switch the modes between cool and heat
- Control temperature by setting the temperature setting value and the difference value
- Temperature calibration
- Refrigerating control output delay protection
- Alarm when the temperature exceeds temperature limit or when sensor error

Specifications and size:
- Front panel size: 75(L) x 34.5(W) (mm)
- Mounting size: 71(L) x 29(W) mm
- Sensor length: 1m (include the probe)
- Product size: 75(L) x 34.5(W) x 85(D) mm

Technical Parameters:
- Temperature measuring range: -50 - 99 degrees C
- Resolution: 0.1 degrees C
- Accuracy: +/- 1 degrees C (-50 - 70 degrees C)
- Sensor error delay: 1 minute
- Power supply: 220VAC +/- 10%, 50/60Hz
- Power consumption: - Sensor: NTC sensor (1PC)
- Relay contact capacity: Cool 10A/250VAC; Heat 10A/250VAC
- Ambient temperature: 0 - 60 degrees C
- Storage temperature: -30 - 75 degrees C
- Relative humidity: 20% - 85% (No condensate)

What's in the box
1 x STC 1000
1 x Probe
1 x Manual

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 5 cm


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