Liquorice Root (50g)

When used in gin, liquorice root has a similar flavour to the stuff you buy in a packet, but has a bittersweet, sugary, earthy taste that helps gin become a standout spirit. Liquorice root forms part of a bill of ingrediants of many famous gins.

Liquorice – the root of the Glycyrrhiza glabra  – is a sweet, woody botanical that has been used as a sugar alternative for centuries. Liquorice root has a very particular taste. It is like anise or meadowsweet but without the mentholic qualities. A soft, hay-like wood taste comes through, along with lively sugar. Distilled, the flavour doesn’t much change – it brings all of those qualities to a gin, and is also able to change the texture and mouthfeel of a gin, bringing oily, viscous qualities.

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Liqucorice comes from the root of a perennial plant native to a large swath of Eurasia. It takes nearly three years for a licorice root to be ready for harvesting, requiring several years of growth. It’s popular in its native regions as both a sweetener and component of natural medicine.It’s particularly of interest in gin, because the root itself is thought to have been widely used as a sweetening agent in early gins, including some Old Tom styles. Liqucorice has a distinctive flavor, similar to anise or fennel, but with a pronounced additional sweetness. It’s used in gins for both its flavor and for the sweetening effect.

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