Kegland Lift N Lock Pulley System


Forget about the clumsey block and tackle. This light weight pulley can fit into the glove box of your car so you can take it anywhere just incase you ever have to load something heavy onto your truck or trailer. If you let go of the strap the system locks instantly preventing your load falling to the ground. To release the strap just lift the strap up 50-60degrees and the automatic break will release and enable you to lower the load onto the ground.

This heavy duty pulley is made from strong nylon strapping, laser cut 304 grade stainless steel and is capable of lifting up large heavy loads on and off your trailer, ute or other vehicle.

We stock this item as it’s the perfect pulley for lifting the heavy malt pipe from your BrewZilla 35L, BrewZilla 65L or even BrewZilla 100L brewery. It’s by far the best pulley that we sell and it’s worth the slightly higher cost if you really want to make it easy to lift the malt pipe in and out.

The pulley includes the long 10meter 25mm wide webbing strap.

The pulley system enables you to multiply your pulling force 4 times. So by pulling with a 30kg force the pully will lift a 120kg force and thus significiantly increasing your ability to lift heavy loads.

This pulley has been rated to 175kg

R1,190.00 VAT Incl.

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