Gen 4 Brewzilla 100L with Pump 2200w/2200/2200w – 220-240V AC

The largest single vessel home brewery in the BrewZilla range, Powered by 32a Single Phase.

The unit is supplied with a short cable which requires a qualified electrician to install.

Original price was: R31,500.00.Current price is: R27,990.00. VAT Incl.

The BrewZilla Gen 4 is designed to be a compact single vessel, double batch all grain home brewing system that can be run off out of the box with a 32a Single Phase. It can also be rewired by a qualified electrician to a 10a Three Phase connection. Further details on power conversion see the more information tab or the power conversion manual here.
A complete turnkey system with a delay timing feature and step mash functionality. Built to make batches up to 90L, it is the biggest singel vessel brewery brough to you by KegLand. We do recommend to use a Lift'N'Lock Pulley with the 100L BrewZilla as the malt pipe can be quite heavy to the average user.

The Google Play Android App can be downloaded via the link below.

The Apple App Store RAPT App can be downloaded via the link below.

"This app is a web mobile wrapper that allows you to browse the RAPT portal/website so that the website renders into a mobile device screen increasing usability on your device.  It also gives you the added functionality of push notifications to your mobile device." 

Wifi / RAPT Integration
The BrewZilla brewery type has been used across the world and won homebrew competitions in every country the brewery has been sold.  It's the most sold single vessel brewery worldwide and can be used for Home Brewing, Distillation, Preserve Canning, Sous Vide Cooking or just as a boiler. This unit can also double as a hot tub!

Some features that differentiate this brewery from other Brewery designs are:

Complete Concave Draining Base
The new base design completely drains out meaning you capture every single bit of wort. No longer do you need to tilt the brewery to extract every last bit of wort.  This also makes it suitable for CIP cleaning using our new Low Volume CIP Spray Rotor (KL04329).

False Bottom Pump Protection Screen
One of the key features of all the BrewZilla single vessel units is the false bottom protection screen. This screen avoids the need for doing a whirlpool and it filters wort and prevents more than 95% of hops and hot break getting sucked into the pump and thus greatly reduces the blocked pump issues that are often an issue with other brewery designs.

Ultra Low Watt Density
The BrewZilla has significantly lower watt density than other breweries.  The main benefit of lower watt densities is that it enables you to produce lighter colours of beers that would otherwise get some caramelisation.  The ultra-low watt density also means you have less chance of boilovers, you get less crud sticking to the element making cleaning easier and ultimately reduces wear and tear on the element meaning even with significant abuse your elements will last way longer.

25w Magnetic Drive Pump as standard
This magnetic drive pump is the ideal pump for your brewing system needs. Capable of withstanding temperatures up to 120C it can handle the boil directly without the need to cool before use. Extremely efficient 1.1amp pump which can be run continuously at elevated temperatures.

RAPT/Wifi Connected
The new Gen 4 model is the first BrewZilla that connects to the RAPT Portal (  This portal allows you to track, record and monitor your brews online.  This greatly reduces the need for handwritten records of your brew day as it's all done automatically.  The RAPT portal also allows you to see every brew you have done in the past and control the brewery remotely so you can start pre-heating water remotely or simply keep an eye on the brewing process while you do something else.  Get push notifications to your mobile phone of when to add hops or start the boil.
Along with this ease of access and control. The RAPT BrewZilla will also allow you to fully customise your brewday with profiles specifically tuned to your style of brewing or your recipe.
For example, you could set up your profile to receive certain alarms or messages when you are required to do something. E.g. Adding grain when the strike temperature is reached. Mash-Out Alarm when you're ready to sparge, Salt / Hop additions when you've reached the boil. As well as hop stand additions or chilling instructions. All of this at the touch of a button that is preprogrammed to what you want to do. No more egg timers, no more phone timers. Everything is controlled by one area.

Bluetooth Gateway Device
KegLand is currently developing various Bluetooth devices such as KL24334 RAPT Bluetooth Thermometer and other sensors which will be compatible with this brewery.  This brewery is able to receive the BLE beacons and relay this information onto the RAPT portal.  Also by receiving multiple BLE thermometer sensors the Brewery is able to make smater and more automated decisions on how to control the brewing or distillilation process.  For example a BLE thermometer can be placed into your coolant water so you get an alarm if the temperature is too high, a BLE thermometer can be put into the middle of the malt pipe so you can more accurately control elements switching on/off to achieve a core malt pipe temperature etc.

Improved Base Design with Easy Access Pump
The new base design means we have sealed all the electronics on the underside of the brewery into a separate junction box. This has allowed us to omit the bottom cover.  This significant design change means that the pump can be accessed much more easily.  It also means the plumbing can be changed more easily too. For instance, you can re-arrange the plumping to the pump to pump into the tap outlet or change this so the tap outlet bypasses the pump.  These changes make it more flexible but also much easier to take apart the pump for cleaning and maintenance if required.

RAPT Controller with Full Colour Screen
The new RAPT controller has an easy-to-read full colour screen. The controller can also be disconnected easily making wash down easier.  The controller is mounted in a higher position with a tilting frame so you can angle the screen toward you depending on how tall you are.  The new controller module is packed with features and KegLand is consistently updating the firmware to include more features.  Firmware updates are quick and painless and with a single click you can upgrade all Gen 4 units to the latest firmware to take advantage of new features and accessories. Forget getting on your knees mid-brew, do it all while standing or sitting next to your BrewZilla.
The controller can also activate the pump. Meaning there are no toggle switches anywhere on the BrewZilla Gen 4.

32amp Non-Removable Power Supply.
Because of its 3 x 2200w ultra low watt heating elements, the power requirements are beyond the standard 10a and 15a plugs.

Improved Lid Handles
The new lid handles are better designed and made from stainless so they are more robust and more ergonomic to hold especially with wet hands.

Two Stage Oversized Malt Pipe
This new malt pipe design is 30% larger meaning you can mash more grains and either make more beer or make higher gravity beers.  the new malt pipe also has a two stage height adjustment so you hand half lift the malt pipe and set on the supporting halo ring halfway up.  This makes it more ergonomic so you can lift the heavy malt pipe up in two stages but has the second advantage that it makes the brewery more suitable for smaller batches too where raising the malt pipe halfway up is preferable. The new Gen 4 65L Malt Pipes also have a perforated section at the bottom to aid in sparging/lautering flow speeds.

Outside Diameter: 77cm Approx
Outside Height: 55cm Approx
Boiler Volume (brimful): 107L
Max Power: 6.6kw
Pump: 3.4m Max Head, 19/L Max Flow
Malt Pipe Volume: 72L
Dry Weight: 20kg

The 100L BrewZilla Gen 4 comes with a 12 Month Warranty.

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Additional information

Weight 250 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 cm


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