Duotight Inline Regulator – With integrated gauge for water or gas

These compact inline regulators have been designed to suit 8mm (5/16″) Evabarrier Tubing. If you are using 3/8 beer/gas line, you will need to get our straight tube adapter.

Suits pressures 0-150psi however this unit is packed with the 0-60psi gauge as standard.

Suitable for mains water pressure

Suitable for liquid or gas

Made from Acetal/POM, EPDM o-rings and stainless teeth

Suits 8mm (5/16) OD Tubing such as our Evabarrier Tubing (Use our 3/8-8mm Adapter if using 3/8 lines)

Includes integrated 0-60psi Pressure Gauge

R190.00 VAT Incl.