Cannular Can And Bottle Filler

This Cannular Can and Bottle filler is ideally used for bottle cans or even glasses.  Using two adjustable stainless steel tubes it will use one to purge oxygen out of the vessel and then use the second one to fill the vessel to a precise level based on an internal pressure sensor.

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OLED Digital Display

The OLED display makes calibration super easy.  It also enables you to keep track of filling speed, number of cycles/fills, purge time, fill height and also enables you to make on-the-fly adjustments to your filling requirements so you can conveniently tweak the settings while filling.

Integrated Ball Lock Connectors

The integrated ball lock connectors allow you to quickly attach your beer and gas ball lock disconnects.  We recommend the use of the Duotight Ball Lock Disconnects in Gas and Liquid to connected to these input and outputs.

Integrated Pinch Valve

The integrated pinch valve is one of the things that makes this unit far superior to other filling machines.  The pinch valve enables you to easily remove the beer line for cleaning so the stainless tube, silicone hose and yellow carbonation cap/ball lock disconnect removes completely and can be put into the dishwasher or cleaned in the sink.  The pinch valve is mechanically simple and therefore reliable.  It is not subject to small particles like hops getting stuck in the device and eliminates the need for pre-filtration.  It pinches down on the silicone tube to shut off the flow.  This design also enables laminar flow that reduces fobbing.  The pinch valve improves reliability, makes it easier to operate and a piece of cake to clean.

Integrated Regulator

Other filling machines require an external regulator that may need to drop the pressure lower than your normal keg dispense pressure.  Unlike these other fillers this filler has an integrated regulator which saves time and setup cost. This integrated regulator means you will not damage your machine by accidentally connecting it to a high pressure gas source.  You can hook up your gas line without the need for another external regulator or to fool around with your gas supply at all.  Just set the integrated regulator once during setup and forget about it.


The long stainless tubes and adjustable height make this device useful for pretty much any bottles up to 30cm heigh or cans up to 27cm heigh.  It can also be used for still or carbonated beverages.  So this device is useful for wine bottles, beer cans, champagne, crown seal bottles and pretty much any other bottle/can/vessel that has a neck opening greater than 15mm.  It can also be used for filling glasses, jars or other vessels.

Fill Profiles

Some other machines require a full calibration to change from one vessel type to another.  This machine allows you to pre-save fill profiles depending on what you are doing.  Save a filling profile for your 300ml Cans and then save a different filling profile for your 750ml wine bottles.  Use our pre-saved presets or alternatively make your own fill profiles with different purge time and fill height.  These are also synced with the portal so you can save profiles and share them with friends or deploy to several other devices. Connected (via Wifi)

As well as all the features above this filler connects to your Wifi and keeps track of your Cans Per Minute (CPM), fill speed and even temperature (if you purchase the external probe separately).  It will log all usage information so you can keep track of how your machine is running or even keep track of you staff to make sure they are cycling the machine at an acceptable rate.  The connectivity to the portal will enable you to more easily change settings, update profiles and keep track of your fill days so you can historically keep track of how your fill day went and which day you processed each batch.

Low DO Pickup

The quality and longevity of your beverage is often defined by how well you keep oxygen off your product.  This filler purges the oxygen out of the can and will enable you to get substantially lower dissolved oxygen.

Wall Mounted Design

This type of can and bottle filler has primarily been designed for wall mounting configuration.  This allows you to bring a can or bottle up to the filler from the underside of the unit.  To wall mount this unit you can download and print this template.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 50 cm


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