BrewZilla 200L – 3 Vessel Micro – Brewery (Special order only, 10-12 weeks lead time)

This 200L brewery has been designed for micro-breweries and brewpubs that want power, control and consistency. This very capable 3 vessel system will enable you to brew a large range of beer styles with high repeatability.

Approximate Lead Time: 10-12 weeks. Last Updated 09/05/2022.
Deposit Required: 70% not including freight.

Balance payment on collection / delivery.


R359,900.00 VAT Incl.

Available on backorder

The BrewZilla 200L - 3 Vessel Brewery is a premium brewery that comes fully inclusive with pumps, plate chiller, controllers and internal plumbing.

Unlike other brewery types that are made from repurposed cooking pots this 200L system has been purpose built with cone shaped tanks so they drain out completely, work well with CIP cleaning and improve efficiencies in the brewhouse.

The control panel on the brewery gives you a high level of accurate temperature control so you can hit mash temperatures exactly and achieve extreme brewing consistency.

The mash tun door makes it very easy to clean out the mash tun directly into a wheelbarrow or waste bin.

The low watt density elements will enable you to brew even very high gravity beers without the risk of scorching.

The included plate chiller is one that can be disassembled for easy and thorough cleaning and comes included in the package.

The pump is a high chemically resistant pump that is not only suitable for pumping boiling hot wort at high duty cycle but also for pumping strong acids and caustic substances that are regularly used in the brewing industry.

We have also designed the kettle with a 4inch tri-clover chimney. This enables you to fit the 4inch range of bubble capper pot and reflux stills that we have available.

So if you are looking for a very capable, powerful and professionally built brewery forget about the other toys that you see out there and get the BrewZilla 200L.

Want to know the size?  Download the drawings for this brewery here.

This 200L brewery comes included with a single stage plate heat exchanger that has 2m^2 surface area so you knock down the temperature of your wort fast.


Other Accessories Purchased Separately

KL22996 - 6kw RIMS Heater - Primarily designed to maintain or raise temperature of your mash tun.  This tri-clover powerful addition will also significantly increase your heat up times enabling you to add additional 6kw of power into the sytem for heating water or getting to a boil faster.

KL22989 - Tri-Clover CIP Spray Ball with 4inch Tri-Clover to 1.5inch Tri Clover - To use this brewery with the CIP cleaning youwillneed this attachment. The CIP sprayballwillfit to the boiler lid. Once the boiler is clean switch the lid assembly to the HLT and Mash Tun to also clean these vessels without lifting a finger.

KL23092 - Grain Chute Extension - This handy accessory will make it easier to empty your mash tun and will prevent you spilling grain onto the floor when emptying the mash tun.

KL03797 - Heavy Duty Mash Paddle - This handy mash paddle is a large size and an essencial product so you can get rid of those dough balls.  It is also possible to use this to assist scooping grain from the mash tun making it a multi purpose tool.

WATCH VIDEO HERE: BrewZilla 200L - 3 Vessel Micro - Brewery


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