Beer Gun Bottle Filler

Product Description:

Fill bottles quickly, easily, without the risk of oxygenation and without complicated counter pressure filling equipment. This easy to use Bottle Filler Beer Gun works with any bottle size and shape. The gun comes with two triggers. One that will purge the bottle of oxygen and the other that will dispense the beer.

Purging oxygen from the bottle prevents Oxydising of the beer, keeping it crysp and fresher for longer

All components in contact with beer are made from stainless steel or silicone.



R775.00 VAT Incl.


  • 1. One-handed intuitive operation.
  • 2. Everything that touches the beer is stainless.
  • 3. Eliminates foaming.
  • 4. Simple to clean and set up.
  • 5. Easy to use
  • 6. Works well for wine and sparkling wine too.
  • 7. Do not exceed 100kPa (15psi).

Usage Instruction:

  • Step1: Chill bottles to the same temperature of the beer.
  • Step2: Turn on CO2 gas supply and set the pressure to 2-4psi.
  • Step3: Place the beer gun into the bottle so the end of the beer gun is right against the bottom of the bottle. Depress the brass trigger that allows the CO2 gas to flow into the bottle.
  • Step4: Quickly open the beer trigger valve and continue pressing the valve until the bottle has completely filled.


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