Stainless Steel Bottle Filler with Spring Tip


The last bottle filler you will even need to buy. Solid Grade 304 stainless steel construction means it will last a life time.

The stainless body is not going to crack on bottling day. And not going to break when you drop it. Better build, better bottle filler.

Make bottling your wine or beer a simple, mess-free task. The Stainless Steel bottle filler is a clear rigid shaft with an automatic foot-valve on the bottom end for quick and easy shut-off between filling bottles. The spring in the tip of this bottle filler stops the flow until you depress it to the bottom of the bottle.

Simply attach 3/8’’ silicone tube (not included) to the top side, connect the tubing to the tap of the keg and depress the spring-loaded button foot-valve against the bottom of the bottle or container to start filling.

Removable spring nozzle make it easy to clean.

What’s in the box
1 x Bottle Filler

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Stainless Steel Bottle Filler with Spring Tip 

Stainless Steel Bottling Wand for Beer & Wine 

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Facilitates beer bottling at home on homebrewing beer bottling day, Attach the 3/8’’ silicone tube to the top barbed side, connect the tubing to the tap of the keg/beer bottle or growler and depress the spring-loaded to start filling.

stainless steel heavy duty bottle filler is our favourite bottling day gadget.

Whether you are filling glass bottles or PET bottles after your fermentation is complete. you need this handy all stainless 304-grade bottle filler.

directly connect with a hose or with your fermenter spigot. it is a much-simplified version of counterpressure bottle filler homebrewing.

  • More Durable than Plastic
  • easy to clean
  • Resistant to chemicals and heat

its is made of 4 parts – Spring, seat washer, filler valve and Stainless steel tube.

very easy to disassemble and clean

  • This spring tip beer bottle filler constructed from stainless steel
  • More durable and longer lifetime
  • Removable spring nozzle make it easy to clean and sanitize
  • Spring-loaded tip for easy flow control when filling bottles
  • This filler is compact, durable, hygienic and easy to fill bottle


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