Craft Beer Glass – Single unit

Craft Beer Glasses Set of 6, Belgian Style Stemmed Tulip Classics, IPA Beer Tasting Glassware

380ml – 1 Glass

R75.00 VAT Incl.

Tulip Glasses (a.k.a., Belgian Glasses)

With a bulbous body and a flared lip, the tulip glass is designed to capture the head and promote the aroma and flavor of malty, hoppy beers. Its stem facilitates swirling, further enhancing your sensory experience.

When it comes to beer, not all glassware is created equal. Sure, you could pour your favorite ale into whatever container you have lying around and successfully deliver beer to your mouth. But there is a reason why particular styles of beer are traditionally served in specific types of beer glasses. It isn't just for looks (although looks certainly play a role.) Rather, the different shapes and styles of beer glassware on the market were, in many cases, designed to make more pronounced or otherwise enhance the aromatic compounds inherent to different kinds of beer. And as we all know, smell has a huge impact on how we perceive flavor. Ergo, the right beer glass can take your beer-drinking experience to new heights.


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Dimensions 22 × 15 × 15 cm


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