The Gen 3.1.1 Brewzilla with Pump from Kegland features a recirculation pump with an on off switch, as well as a false bottom and grain pipe to both protect the pump from clogging, and hold the crushed grain above the bottom for good wort circulation. The Unit holds  35L, although we do not recommend boiling more than 24L (perfect for 20L-23L batches). The grain pipe (basket) holds up to 8kg of crushed malt, and a pipe with silicone hose on top feeds the recirculated wort from the pump evenly on top of the grain bed.

The Brewzilla has an electronic thermostat that lets you set temperature and also has a delayed start feature, so you can program it to turn on up to 23 hours in advance, handy when you want hot strike water when you return home from work.  Multiple temperature rests can be programmed in at the start of mashing, see the pdf instructions below for full details.

The system includes a Digital Backlit Temperature Control and Display, Malt Pipe, Dual Element Heating (500 and 1000 watts for 1500 watts total), a stainless ball valve with ½ threads to accept any NPT accessory, and a Magnetic Pump installed in the base.  A great deal on a recirculating electric system that will work anywhere you have a suitable 220 volt plug.

NOTE: Includes FREE Chiller coil!!!

User manual: BrewZilla Manual

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BrewZilla 35L - Gen.3.1.1
The BrewZilla is designed to be a compact single vessel all grain home brewing system that can be run off a single AU 240v socket. A complete- turnkey system with a delay timing feature and step mash functionality. Built to make batches up to 30L, it is the ideal solution for those who want to take the first step in all-grain brewing and don't want to break the bank in doing so! FAST – Fast to setup, brew and clean up EASY – Very simple design and easy intuitive design VALUE – Great value for money

System Includes:
- Immersion Chiller
- Digital Backlit Temperature Control/Display.
- Delay Start Timer
- Step Mash Functionality
- Malt Pipe & Malt Pipe attachments
- NEW Ultra Low Watt Density Dual Element Controls (1900w and 500w)
- Stainless ½" BSP Ball Valve with 13mm barb fitting.
- Magnetic drive pump mounted in the base of the unit
- NEW Third Handle for easier pouring

Need help designing recipes? Then try the BrewZilla / RoboBrew Generation 3 - BeerSmith2 Profile.bsmx  (Last Updated 24/04/2018)
Beersmith is one of the best designing tools available to homebrewers, adjust your bitterness, colour, flavour all from a click of a button!
More information on how to use beersmith can be found here at Beersmith 101

Here is a Video Describing the Difference Between the Robobrew Generation 3 and the older Generation 2 Model:

The video below is to show you about the new Calibration feature:

This video is an independent review pub PubSheds in the UK:

This video is from Brian from Short Circuited Brewers.  He has a great youtube channel and reviews a lot of different home brew hardware:

This video is another one from Brian from Short Circuited Brewers.  this particular video he has done shows him using the brewery on a wheat beer that he is making:


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