5Kg CO2 Cylinder – Brand new cylinder RED

Gas cylinder filled with CO2. The cyliners are supplied either in grey or red depending on supplier availability. Cylinders and fitted with standard valves (with RPV).

  • Works with standard SA W21.8, ISO 477 and Type 30 CO2 Regulators, including the our KegLand Regulator
  • You will have full ownership of the cylinder

Our 2Kg gas bottles come full. With a cylinder shut off valve. This little tank can dispense up to 310 litres of beer. Up to 150L of carbonating and dispensing if used for homebrewing purposes.
– Holds 2kg of CO2 when full
– Dimensions 47cm high x 14cm diameter
Ideal solution to be used with our KegLand Series 4 and X range Kegerators..

Warning: Only use in the upright position. Or you run the risk of breaking your regulator with liquid CO2
(Typically 6g of CO2 used per L to dispense. Or 12g of CO2 to carbonate and dispense)
Prior to use
We strongly suggest testing your connections prior to leaving the cylinder on.
Disconnect the gas side of your set up from your kegs.
Turn on the gas at the black valve
Turn the regulator knob clockwise until the low pressure side reaches 40psi
Turn off the black valve at the top of the bottle.
Wait 2+ Hours (or leave overnight)
If the left and right pressure gauge on the regulator has dropped or is showing 0psi. Then it is safe to say you have a leak somewhere in the line. You will need to check all connections with soapy detergent water to locate the leak.
We recommend checking all clamped sections, or if you’re using push in fittings, to ensure they’re not bending or being stretched as this will cause a micro leak.

R1,990.00 VAT Incl.

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The gas cylinder is an ownership gas bottle, you can get it refilled at a local gas supplier, which also sells CO2 for the catering industry. Most Fire extinguisher companies will fill cylinders too.

In Durban you can fill your cylinders at MIAs or Ocean Fire - We welcome any supplier to send us their details so we can list their companies.

MIA Gas Supplies (Fill while you wait)

Address: Delport Park, 31 Oppenheimer St, Pinetown, New Germany, 3601
Phone: 031 701 1432

Ocean Fire Services (Fill Tuesday and Thursday only)

Address:  Unit5, 24 Peter Rd, Springfield Park, Durban, 4051
Phone: 031 577 6954

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 60 cm


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