3″ Rectification Module

3″ Rectification module with sight glass. A rectification module work like a Boka still, just way cooler!!! This is a really impressive piece of kit. The column is packed with copper and spirit ABV is controlled byt simply increasing or decreasing the flow rate. By simply closing the valve a little, you increase the alcohol ABV. These colums are best used in conjuction with 500mm spools to make brandy, rum etc and 800mm – 1000mm to achieve 90% ABV for vodka and Gin. You can constantly monitor the speed of selection.
Rectification podules can also be used for fraction distillation.

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Set included
1 X 3" Rectification module
1 X 1/8" Machined stainless steel Needle valve
1 X 3" Short sight glass
1 X 3" Tri Clamp   
1 X 3" Silicon Gasket
1 X 1/8" Liebig Condenser 250mm long
1 X Spirit collection platter
1 X Flow guide
1 X Digital thermometer

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Weight 2.8 kg
Dimensions 52 × 27 × 27 cm


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